Finest quality sliced smoked salmon, retail packs various weights available 100gram – 1kilo, vacuum/loose packed.

Finest quality sliced smoked salmon, portion control sandwich/bagel packs various weights, vacuum packed.

Portion control slices, ideal for catering purposes. Each slice approx 30 grams centre cut, perfect for hors d’ouevres designs.

Whole sides smoked salmon bone in, vacuum/loose packed.

Whole sides smoked salmon trimmed and boned ready for slicing, vacuum/loose packed.

Pre-sliced sides smoked salmon laid back on the skin, vacuum packed.

Hand sliced “D Cut” interleaved sides of smoked salmon.

Royal fillet of smoked salmon, centre cut loin, the heart of the side, for that special occasion.

Hot smoked salmon, individual portions or whole prepared sides.

Smoked cods roe vacuum/loose packed.

Various formats of fresh salmon prepared to your specification.

Other species of fresh fish available according to market.

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