Fish Quality

The fish we purchase for processing is selected according to our uncompromising desire to produce the finest quality smoked salmon. They are reared in the cool, clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean under the strictest environmental standards. The Company’s highly qualified environmental health consultant personally audits all of our suppliers. We insist on our fish being lean and well fed, thus providing a superb firm fleshed specimen.


Upon arrival at our smokehouse, the fish are checked to ensure they meet our exacting specification. The fish are hand filleted by our highly skilled craftsmen, then salted using our own traditional method.
This curing process, which lasts for at least 24 hours, is a vital part of the process. The natural salt helps absorb large quantities of water that may remain in the fillets, thus reducing the risk of bacteria surviving and helping to prepare the flesh for ease of slicing.


While continuing the long family traditional method of smoking, we naturally strive to improve and modernise our process. By doing so we have kept our century old formulas and slowly introduced the best in modern smoking technology.
The fillets are placed in our smoking kilns, where pure oak dust is slowly passed over them. This imparts a wonderful colour and texture. The smoked fillets are then left to mature, allowing the delicious mild, creamy, smoky flavour to develop.
After another quality check, the fillets are trimmed by hand and all bones removed, prior to being thinly sliced and packed by our experienced team and prepared to the customers’ individual requirements.

Quality Controls

All staff are stringently trained to our bespoke food safety and hygiene standards. Stringent controls are in place to ensure our product is of the highest quality. Our process is monitored and conforms to the rigorous standard laid down by The British Retail Consortium (BRC).

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